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Fire, smoke, hot metal, sweat....This is the world that artist blacksmith Graeme Sheffield works in every day creating one of a kind pieces of ironwork.

Transport yourself back to an age when even the most utilitarian piece was made with an artistic flair and passion for the art of metal smithing. Each piece that Graeme works on is given the true attention that it deserves, so that it will last for generations to come.

With fire, hammer and spirit, artisan blacksmith Graeme Sheffield utilizes traditional and contemporary blacksmithing techniques to create forms and textures of lasting beauty.


Graeme's history of working with metal has evolved over the years, and his continued exploration of the art of blacksmithing continues to reveal nuances of the world of metalworking. Graeme draws on over 30 years of metalworking experience for each project, and enjoys every part of the process; From the design and layout, to the forging and finishing, each step is important to the successful completion of each project. As in the days of old, each project is treated with equal enthusiam and energy. 


Graeme is dedicated to building relationships with his clientele in order to provide personalized service that can offer customized solutions in a friendly professional manner.

The art of blacksmithing allows me to interpret the lines, forms and textures I see around me in this world, and express myself and my observations through the use of some of the very core elements of the earth (iron, fire, water). Forging metal is not only a physical process of manipulating the medium to fill in a particular space, but also involves visualizing the empty spaces around the metal. Incorporating particular shapes and textures in a piece can produce very dramatic results in and around it.

Participating in, and constant exploration of, such an ancient craft as blacksmithing holds a great deal of mystique and adventure to me. Having the ability to create items using the same basic tools and techniques that have been used for centuries is a thrilling experience. When a piece of steel is heated to yellow-hot (around 2000 degrees F) it is then that the magic begins for me. It is then that I am able to shape, move and manipulate the steel into forms that bring it to life. It is truly a pleasure to take an otherwise cold, lifeless medium as steel and transform it into an object that allows people to appreciate its flexibility, strength and limitations at the same time.