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Do you make custom items?
I have an idea........
Where do we start?
I've been thinking about having something made out of metal...
Conversations often start this way.
Commissioning a piece of ironwork is easy, and  usually involves a four step process:
1. The project
It begins with the client choosing the  object or objective.
This step always involves a lot of listening to the client's ideas, feelings, visions, etc. to get a sense of the project and its outcome.
I really enjoy meeting people  at their home or business to get a feel for the size and stature of the project, a sense of balance within the environment it will reside and the client's overall appeal and feelings towards the project. The project budget is also discussed at this time, and measurements, sketches and photographs are taken which  will assist me in phase two:
2. The Design and Quote
Armed with information, I create as many drawings as required to purvey the ideas discussed at our initial meeting.
From these drawings, I calculate the linear footage of steel and any other materials required to satisfy the project specifications, and break down the total hours to physically forge and assemble the project.
At this point, a formal quote with drawings (if necessary) is presented.
3. Project Acceptance and Production
If the project is accepted, a 50% deposit is paid, delivery is determined and the project is underway!
Regular project updates are a normal practice at The Ironwood Anvil.
4. Delivery and Installation
Every project has it's own unique final resting place, and consequent delivery/ installation. The Ironwood Anvil is equipped to perform most installations and will consult/ contract specific trades, when special circumstances arise.