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Privacy Policy For Graeme Sheffield and The Ironwood Anvil Custom Forged Metalwork

As of January 1, 2004, the Government of Canada has required that all businesses and organizations develop an information privacy policy. The following information describes my policies with regards to collection, retention and distribution of the information you provide to me in the course of communicating and doing business with me.

Consent: It should be assumed that if you provide personal contact information (i.e. name, address, telephone, fax, cell phone, e-mail) to me, you are giving me permission to use this shared information for my purpose only to contact and correspond with you or your business.

Financial Information: I generally only accept cash and cheque payments, although credit card payments can be arranged.

I do not retain any financial information (i.e. bank account numbers) that could be found on personal or business cheques.

Contact Information: I do not sell or trade contact information provided from individuals or businesses without their verbal or written consent.

I will, on occassion, contact any or all previous contacts about upcoming art shows I will be participating in. This is with the understanding that the individuals or businesses have already shown an interest in my work, and may wish to see more. I will remove the individual or business contact information from  my mailing list if requested.

Photography/ Documentation: I keep a very thorough photographic, drawn and written record of all my work.

I will document all photographs intended for public viewing (i.e. web pages) as follows and as required: title, medium, location (when it is an installation) (i.e. Scrolled gate, forged steel, Yorkshire Street, Guelph, Ontario). I will not advertise the owner's name or individual address unless given specific permission. All drawings and written records are intended for my purpose only, as proof of design ownership and reference material for individual procedures, processes and materials employed.

All original designs and photography remain the property of Graeme Sheffield. Please respect this.